The Representation of Minority Women in Turkish Streaming Media: The Case Study of Kulüp

The discussion on representation, from individual perspective to societal one, has experienced a huge jump in media and cultural studies recently. Throughout this process, the meaning of "representation" has reconstructed, and it is considered not only as an individual issue but also with its relation to the society or a specific group. This study aims to illustrate representations of women who come from minority ethnic and religious communities in Turkey. In this study, the representations of Sephardic Jewish women and Rum women in Turkish media are analyzed through a TV series broadcasted on Netflix. The case study of Netflix’s Kulüp (The Club) is chosen for this study to be qualitatively examined by focusing on the conceptualization of representation of minority women. Theoretically, the episodes of the series are analyzed within the framework of feminist critical theory by the help of critical discourse analysis ​
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