Sexism and the Commodification of Women in Media: A Critical Analysis

Serttas, Aybike
Ege, Övünç
Çanakpınar, Betül
Bedir, Afife İclal
This study aims to investigate the pervasive issue of sexism within media and its role in the commodification of women. Through a critical lens, we seek to unravel the underlying mechanisms that perpetuate harmful stereotypes and objectification of women in media products, ultimately shedding light on the implications for societal perceptions and gender equality. Utilizing a comprehensive research approach, we systematically analyzed various media content, including advertisements, films, and television shows. Content analysis was employed to identify patterns, representations, and messaging surrounding women in media products. The study reveals a disturbing prevalence of sexism and the commodification of women in various forms of media. We found that women are frequently objectified, reduced to superficial attributes, and often portrayed in subordinate roles. These depictions not only reinforce harmful stereotypes but also contribute to the perpetuation of gender inequality and discrimination. The study underscores the urgent need for media producers, consumers, and policymakers to recognize the detrimental impact of such portrayals and work collaboratively to promote more diverse, empowering, and equitable representations of women in media. Doing so can contribute to a more inclusive and just society ​
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