Acompanyament de mares o embarassades als centres de reducció de danys: recomanacions en clau de perspectiva de drets d’infància, interseccional i de gènere

Buera Prius, Maria
The absence of guidelines or recommended practices for substance‑using mothers is a reality that needs to be faced. Professionals at harm reduction centers in Barcelona are struggling with higher levels of anxiety and frustration as they attempt to provide comprehensive and holistic care. This difficulty arises from the lack of knowledge, information, social resources, and specific strategies. This study aims to develop practice recommendations based on a childhood approach that harm reduction centers should consider for their interventions. Based on a qualitative approach, data were collected through fourteen semi‑structured interviews with professionals in the fields of childhood, substance abuse, and healthcare. Results indicated that in order to integrate a childhood perspective into interventions to uphold the rights of substance‑using mothers and their children, all networks involved in supporting these women should adopt an intersectional and human rights approach. Additionally, specialized training, appropriate resources referral, and institutional support are required ​
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