Quasi-static crushing behaviour of a high-strength carbon fibre-reinforced thermoplastic (CFRTP) in mechanically fastened joints

Silva Campos, Pedro José
Arteiro, Albertino
Danzi, F.
Rodrigues Lopes, I.A.
Dalli, D.
Mechanically fastened joints are still a fast and effective way to lock parts together when assembling components or sub-components. This work presents the results of quasi-static bearing and filled- hole tensile and compressive testing of a novel aeronautical-grade high-strength CFRTP, and is one of the first studies to assess the quasi-static performance of mechanically fastened composite laminates manufactured from unidirectional (UD) tape CFRTP. The extent of delamination and intralaminar damage is assessed with the aid of X-ray and optical microscopy, to assess the effect of the manufacturing process parameters for coupon hole drilling and end-face trimming and the crushing mechanisms in the bearing and filled-hole coupons ​
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