Viscoplastic strain development in stress controlled tensile loading: effect of temperature

Al-Maqdasi, Zainab
Nunes, Stephanie G.
Bianchi, Octavio
Varna, Janis
Pupure, Liva
Joffe, Roberts
The range of applications of epoxy matrix composites where they are exposed to elevated temperatures is increasing. It is well-known that polymers are not linear elastic materials and their response to loads is time and loading rate dependent. The main phenomena responsible for this type of behavior are viscoelasticity (VE) and viscoplasticity (VP). In order to develop multiscale predictive tools for simulations in nonlinear VE and VP formulation, adequate constitutive models have to be introduced and methodology suggested for determination of material functions in these models. Therefore, a good understanding of the effect of elevated temperature on long-term, time-dependent behavior and model development that is based on physically sound and consistent experimental methodology is of paramount significance ​
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