El paper de l'increment del conreu de cànnabis (Cannabis sativa) com a força motriu dels canvis d'usos i cobertes del sòl (LUCC) a la capçalera de la vall del riu Laou (nord del Marroc)

The population of the Rif mountains in Morocco depends mainly on the cultivation of cannabis for its livelihood. This study shows the role played by such cultivation in landscape changes in the upstream part of the Laou river catchment area between 1985 and 2019. The analysis was developed using Landsat data. The results indicate that cannabis cultivation has contributed to accelerating the process of LUCC, given that most types offorests were largely transformed to cultivated areas. The increasing pressure on agricultural land, especially after agricultural innovations and the culture of new cannabis hybrids, has had serious consequences on the environment, economy and society. This has been demonstrated in the intensive exploitation of water, and as a result several areas are now denied access to drinking and irrigation water. To reduce the harm of these transformations, diversified and sustainable agricultural practices must be restored to their previous state ​
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