Editorial: Preparation, Characterization and Industrial Application of Nanocellulose

Editorial of the special issue on “Preparation, Characterization and Industrial Application of Nanocellulose” of the magazine "Nanomaterials" (eissn 2079-4991). This Special Issue is the result of 13 contributions from 50 researchers in 22 research groups from 10 countries (Argentina, Canada, China, France, Japan, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Tunisia, and the United States of America). These contributions cover most of the relevant areas related to nanocellulose production, characterization, and industrial applications. In this special issue, the authors have discussed novel production methods of nanostructured cellulose, as well as alternative raw materials with the purpose of enhancing the sustainable character of this nanomaterial. Some examples are the use of date palm wastes, annual plants, and harvesting residues. In terms of production methods, innovative systems are proposed such as oxalic acid or deep eutectic solvents (DES), as well as bottom-up approaches such as bacterial cellulose. This special issue also counts on specific articles devoted to characterization techniques, such as using gel-point and morphological measurements for assessing the characteristics of nanocellulose. And it also covers relevant aspects related to nanocellulose applications, with a special emphasis on their use as coating agents for paper, for the reinforcement of nanocomposites, and one research article is devoted to wastewater treatment ​
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