Análisis etnográfico de la comunidad spoitor de la comuna de Grădiștea (Rumanía): procesos de identificación y mecanismos de dominación

Hernández Vallés, Marc
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The main goal of this PhD thesis is to deepen the knowledge of the processes of identification and production of otherness that change according to the context and the objective conditions in which they are framed, as well as the effects and consequences of these variations. Specifically, the case of a Romanian Roma subgroup, self-identified as "spoitori", is studied, analysing their process of sedentarisation and integration into the local structures of a rural commune demographically dominated by non-Roma. To achieve this aim, ethnographic research was carried out in the commune of Grădiștea (Romania), alternating participant observation with interviews with 28 members of the spoitor community and 19 members of the non-Roma population. This research shows that identity is a social phenomenon in a continuous process of construction, changing according to the vicissitudes of the social context, it is always relational and has direct effects on the social forms of relating to each other and organising interactions. It also shows that these processes are, at the same time, intertwined with power relations capable of reproducing and perpetuating forms of domination that are so subtle that they go unrecognised by both their victims and their perpetuators ​
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