Revisión de los depósitos de tsunamis, bloques i tsunamitas, en las costas del Mediterráneo occidental

Rodriguez Perea, Antonio
Gelabert, Bernadí
Vilaplana, Joan Manuel
Garcia-Lozano, Carla
The catalog of tsunami deposits in the western Mediterranean, with the exception of the Balearic Islands, is not very large. In total there are 82 localities, of which 65 correspond to the Balearic archipelago. From chose two sites have tsunamites while the rest correspond to large blocks on cliffs. This work is the result of a bibliographic scan of all the articles related to this type of event with the aim of facilitating an adequate weighing of the risks in this half of the Mediterranean. Tsunami frequency is highest in the central Mediterranean and high in the eastern Mediterranean where the vast majority of research work is found. The work describes the general characteristics of the western Mediterranean deposits and their relation with the mathematical models of propagation towards the coast ​
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