Plantes vasculars típiques i exclusives dels hàbitats de platja i duna de la costa catalana

This article updates the floristic knowledge of the species that colonize the beaches and dunes of the Catalan coast, identifies the group of typical species that colonize these landscapes and also establishes those species restricted to dune habitats, their range of distribution and their rarity. 87 dune systems were sampled from orthogonal transects on the shoreline, extending from the annual vegetation of the back beach to the inner end of the dune system. A total of 224 species were identified. The number was very close to that obtained in the calculation of the SMaoTao and the two estimators of the richness of the total number of species, Chao2 and Jacknife2. The frequency analysis of the 224 species recorded led to the establishment of a set of 87 species that can be considered as the typical species of beach and dune habitats on the Catalan coast. Among these, a group of 34 species restricted to beach and dune habitats were identified, of which 12 are rare or very rare. The presence of several exotic species, some of them widespread in dune habitats, is an indicator of the environmental change caused by the frequentation of these habitats due to human activity ​
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