Determinación de Cuellos de Botella en los sectores industriales del Ecuador: un estudio basado en el Valor Actual Bruto

Lucía Reyes, Mayra
The objective of this research work is to analyze the gross VAB value added of Ecuador by Industry for the period 2017-2021, which allows the description of the Industries with less economic activity and its impact on the Total PIB to determine the Bottlenecks that affect to the economic growth of the country. For this purpose, a quantitative and qualitative research methodology was used, using primary sources from the Central Bank of Ecuador for the collection of information with the aim of analyzing the variables under study. The results of the analysis show that the GVA in Ecuador by Industry in the last 5 years has grown at an average rate of 7.72%, however there were industries that decreased during this period Domestic Service by 25.56%, Construction by 22.89%, Oil and mines in 16.52%, Electricity and water supply at 4.08%. while the Total GDP grew by just 1.79% in the same period. Over the 5 years, the Industries that maintain a behavior without major impact on GDP are Domestic service, Fishing (except shrimp), Aquaculture and shrimp fishing, Oil Refining, Electricity and water supply, Mail and Communications, Accommodation and food services, Financial services activities. 2021 is the year with the highest growth of the Annual GDP of the industries with 6.92% ​
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