Foucault dopo Brigaglia. Ultra-radicale, pragmatico o pragmatista?

Segatti, Marco
This paper isolates the three basic steps, in which Brigaglia articulates his reconstruction of Michel Foucault's discourse on power: a conceptual systematization of Foucault's vocabulary on power; the introduction of the distinction between the conception of freedom as originality, which Foucault adopts (at least implicitly) in what Brigaglia calls the ultra-radical phase, and the conception of freedom as authoriality, which emerges in the last years of Foucault’s life, and which enables innovative interpretations of his discourse on power; the translation of Foucault’s discourse on power in terms of the so-called dual process theories in contemporary cognitive psychology, and the reconstruction of the distinction between normative power, disciplinary power, and governmental power from the point of view of the distinction between controlled and automatic cognitive processes (System 1 and System 2). This is not a simple re-formulation, however; hence Brigaglia’s work is not only interesting from a historiographical point of view. The pragmatic Foucault has a wide range of methods, analyzes, and hypotheses to offer to legal theorists and political philosophers. Moreover, his theoretical speculations do not only find at least some confirmation in contemporary cognitive sciences, but can also directly contribute to some of the great open-questions in the analytic tradition of legal theory itself. Many problems still remain, and, consequently, there is no shortage of ideas for further analysis. This paper raises one doubt about the interpretation of authoriality as a conception of freedom; and then discusses two risks in reading the distinction between normative, disciplinary and governmental power, through the lenses of the contrast between System 1 and System 2. Finally, the paper proposes a tentative solution: to interpret authoriality as a conception of the functions of practical reason ​
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