Estudi de la demanda energètica i potencial de producció elèctrica a escala municipal. Cas d’estudi: Rupià

Gonzàlez Parra, Víctor
The following project carries out a study of the electrical production capacity from photovoltaic solar energy in non-urbanised soil and the possible consumption scenarios for the incoming mid-century. It will delve into demographics and consumption efficiency in order to characterize the energy demand in the municipality of Rupià. It also includes a preliminary approach of the constraints that urban and territorial planning could entail in the deployment of renewables, as well as a calculation of the electricity that could be produced from the solar potential of the available surface. It will be a matter of bringing up those data limitations, the availability or lack of which may hinder the accuracy of this study, which has the will to be a first step towards a methodology for analysing the potential energy self-sufficiency of municipalities ​
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