L’impacte de les plataformes digitals en els processos participatius

Márquez Muñoz, Laia
The aim of this research project is to delve deeper into participatory processes through a specific analysis of the case of Barcelona. Carrying out research into the relationship between citizens and Barcelona City Council through its participation platform allows us to gain a deeper understanding of the functioning of the municipal administration at a time of change and transformation. In recent years, the way in which direct democracy is approached has been a major issue that has taken hold in the administration and is leading to the implementation of new public policies that are moving in this direction. Barcelona, and not any other municipality, is being studied because it is where Decidim was born and which is subsequently extended to other administrations and organisations. This electronic platform for participation is the most widespread, for now, in Catalonia. Analysing and studying the pioneering city and its evolution allows us to learn about the strengths and weaknesses of direct participation, which can probably be extrapolated to other entities that use Decidim, or other types of platforms. The general objective of this research is to deepen our knowledge of citizen participation. In terms of specific objectives, this work aims to study the history of Barcelona's participatory processes and to identify opportunities for improvement and strengths. With these objectives in mind, the following research question is posed: What has been the impact of digital platforms on participatory processes? ​
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