The importance of emotional intelligence on team cohesion to enhance team performance : a systematic review

Uriach i Quiñoa, Marçal
Background: In business contexts, there is a growing interest in intelligences other than the logical mathematical one, such as Emotional Intelligence (EI) in working teams. The aim of this research is to study the relationships between the EI, Team Cohesion (TC), and Team Performance (TP) constructs, through a systematic review of the relevant literature. Methodology: A bibliographic search was firstly carried out in the Web of Science, Scopus, ProQuest and PUBMED databases including studies based on evaluating the relationship between EI, TC and TP. Only scientific articles were included. Results: Only five studies were found. They had different objectives but linked the results of EI and TC with TP constructs. Two of them worked with leaders EI and three with group EI. Other mediators and moderators were included in the collected studies. Conclusions: All the studies have found significant relationships between the three concepts. Nevertheless, different mediators have been used in the research. Higher quality studies must be done to corroborate the effect of EI and TC on TP ​
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