Vegetative and reproductive morphology of Kallymenia patens (Kallymeniaceae, Rhodophyta) in the Mediterranean Sea

Reproductive morphology of the Mediterranean red alga Kallymenia patens is described for the first time, confirming its position in the genus. K. patens is characterized by a non-procarpic female reproductive apparatus, carpogonial branch systems consisting of supporting cells bearing both three-celled carpogonial branches and subsidiary cells that lack a hypogynous cell and carpogonium; fusion cells develop numerous connecting filaments, and tetrasporangia are scattered over the thallus and are probably cruciately divided. Old fertile spathulate specimens of K. patens are morphologically similar to K. spathulata, but they can be distinguished by the length of spathulated proliferations (up to 0.6 cm and 6 cm, respectively), the length of inner cortical cells (up to 70 and 30 μm, respectively), and the gonimoblast location (in proliferations from the perennial part of the blade and over all the thallus surface, respectively) ​
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