La mirada de género y la percepción de la seguridad de los destinos turísticos: el caso de Girona

Serra Simón, Jordi
Espinosa Mirabet, Sílvia
Security is a fundamental aspect when visiting and interacting with a tourist destination. Assessing the perceived security is helpful for understanding visitors’ sensations and understand up to which extent they feel their experience in the city is safe, and thus, better. The present investigation assesses the security experienced in an urban destination considering a gender perspective and the origin of participants.This research is based on a Likert scale in order that men and women participants assessed the security they had experienced during their stay in that destination. The main results point out that there are slight differences related to erceived security depending on gender. Nevertheless, this factor does not imply a huge change in the overall ratings of tourists regarding that city. As a conclusion, in the study appear possible solutions and areas of improvement to achieve that that destination is perceived as an even safer place for tourists and visitors ​
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