Creació d’un joc plataformes amb mecàniques de moviment exigents

Rodríguez Giramé, Guillem
Games based on detailed and demanding movement control are among most enjoyable and rewarding that can be presented to certain types of players. players. However, this satisfaction is not as explored as it could be, as many games seek more to empower the player through a power or level system, rather than a power or level system, rather than by the player honing skills in the game. For this reason, I believe that creating a game with these features, not only gives the experience of creating a videogame from scratch, also opens its doors to a small untapped market. The motivations to work on any project can come from many different and for each person they can vary enormously. In my case, the motivation comes mostly from nostalgia and the loss of one of my favourite childhood games. My motivation seeks inspiration from the game's favourite aspect, the movement, and translate it to a platform game, while providing the same satisfaction of improvement as the aforementioned games. ​
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