Desenvolupament d’un joc Endless Survival

Martin Rabaneda, Antoni
Over the last decade, the importance of video games in society has greatly increased. The emergence of mobile devices has allowed them to reach a greater number of people, especially those who are not used to the sector. Because of this, the video game market on mobile devices has been overexploited, where many of them focus on a simple design to attract this unfamiliar audience, focusing on the genres and mechanics that appeal most and losing the diversity that other platforms have. For this reason, it has been decided to create a videogame that brings variety to the sector, as well as standing out from this standardised design. One of the genres that stood out greatly within the sector are the 'Endless Runner' games. This genre brings a style of video game similar to the arcade, where the basis is focused on short games with the objective of going as far as possible, getting the highest score, and then trying again once you have lost. Observing the market study, it can be seen how video games in this genre tend to have the same structure, without taking the risk of varying them to offer a different product, or to reach a new audience. The video game presented in this project is a variant of this genre, which has been called Endless Survival. It takes the main idea of the 'Endless Runner', but adds different mechanics, adding a touch of complexity to the game. However, the objective is not to advance, but to survive as long as possible against different waves of enemies, using both the scenery and the abilities of each character. This project aims to offer a different experience to what casual gamers are used to, introducing them to complex and different mechanics of the current market, as well as attracting the veteran audience to simpler and faster games. ​
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