Projecte “Pawn Sacrifice”: Joc roguelite on en cada nivell es perd un company

Verge Mondejar, Vicenç
The aim of this TFG is to develop the prototype of a videogame that I will continue working on later, of the Rogue-Like genre, in which the player is accompanied by other NPCs (Non Playable Characters), with the particularity that, each time a level is passed, a companion must be dispensed, obtaining in exchange some of their skills. This must be done while fighting as a team against the different enemies that will be scattered around the map, so the choice of which partner to spare will be an important strategic factor for the game. In addition, the procedural generation of the dungeon is also a big aspect to take into account and one that should be good enough to make each game different from the last. This work focuses on programming and design rather than aesthetics. ​
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