Diseño y desarrollo de un videojuego comercial

Miranda Gómez, Aaron
López Alonso, Aitor
Palerm Tur, Lluís
Goenaga Urkiol, Xabier
The video game industry is currently one of the most popular entertainment industries. Today it is easier for anyone to develop a video game, regardless of their level of knowledge in the field, a fact that makes every day new video games come out, reaching the point that, in 2020, only on the Steam platform, 9852 video games were released for sale. But despite the number of games on the market, most of them are video games that have some aspect or mechanics based on combat, being the games that do not implement any type of combat, unusual. For that same reason we consider that it can be very interesting to develop a video game that does not incorporate any combat mechanics, that the player simply feels the tranquility of traveling the world accompanied by a great story. The purpose of the project is the development of a video game of the Strand Game genre, invented by industry pioneer Hideo Kojima. This consists of moving between different spaces to complete missions that intertwine the different stories of the game's characters. To accomplish these missions you will have to negotiate with NPC's, transport objects, and search for materials. ​
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