Desenvolupament d’un escape room en primera persona

Rojas Saavedra, David
The world of video games is one of the sectors that has grown the most in recent decades. This growth has been accompanied by a constant improvement in technology, making the graphic quality better every day. This improvement in graphics has led to the creation of many titles in which the attraction is more in the visual part and in the story than in the rest of the attributes that a videogame can have, such as the mechanics. Observing the market, we can see how there is a style of videogame that follows this trend and continues to improve; the "escape room". These games allow players to enjoy a graphical experience accompanied by a good story, a story that must be solved from puzzles, which can be more or less complicated, and that should not have very complicated mechanics, since the strong point, as the latest titles are showing, is in the visual part. Therefore, I consider that designing and creating a video game of this style gives me the experience of creating a game from scratch and also gives me a challenge that will allow me to greatly improve my skills in 3D design. ​
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