Desenvolupament d’un videojoc estil JRPG tàctic

Márquez Suñer, Arnau
The project developed consists of the creation of a tactical JRPG-style video game, very common in the Asian market, as its name indicates; Japanese Role-Playing Game, unfortunately, there are few games of this genre developed in Europe. The name of the video game is Kingdom Doom. It is developed in 3D on the Unity video game engine, as we will see later. The game has very clear references and at no time during development does it move away from them. This video game is heavily influenced by a well-known French video game called Dofus. The combat system is very similar. The objective of this Final Degree Project is to develop a prototype of a video game of the JRPG genre, which allows an experience close to the final game in everything that has been developed in the allotted time. Another objective is to be faithful to said genre and that the game contains as many related aspects as possible. The game will be developed with the Unity graphics engine, as well as the GIMP for editing icons and images. ​
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