Diseño y construcción de una máquina recreativa junto a un juego arcade

Gonzalo Angel, Iara Mailen
Nowadays, arcade machines are relegated to collectors' items for the most nostalgic or, in some stores, they are still kept as a second source of income. Due to all this, nowadays the development of new arcade games is almost null, despite the fact that there are many nostalgic and/or retro videogame lovers. For this reason, it is for this reason that we are developing and building a low-cost arcade machine, as well as designing a specific game for it, leaving open the possibility of adding many others in the future. The main objectives of our project are the following: ● To study the characteristics of arcade games and the operation of arcade machines. ● To learn how to master Godot. ● To design and develop a low-cost arcade machine, which thing involves not only the assembly of all its components, but also the design of its vinyls and the programming of its controller (to control the insertion of coins and allow the user to select which video game to play, among other functionalities). ● Design and develop a functional video game for this machine, combining the arcade and endless runner genres and capable of captivating users and making them not want to stop playing. ● Design and develop a simple video game to demonstrate the operation of the machine's game selector. ​
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