Ceramiche del XVI e XVII secolo da contesti archeologici in Venezia

Saccardo, Francesca
Thousands of ceramic finds emerged from archaeological investigations between the 1980s and 2014 in Venice and Mestre, in the nearby mainland: in the former Frari monastery in San Polo, valuable early Renaissance sgraffito ware and a lustred majolica, used to fill the vaulted ceiling of a large room; in S. Pietro di Castello, S. Giobbe in Cannaregio and S. Maria delle Grazie in Mestre, garbage holes have returned onochrome or painted on engobe glazed pottery, sgraffito ware, berettina» tin glazed ware. The majolica from Romagna, especially «berettina» and «compendiary style» are well attested, too; an albarello in fritware, crucibles, soapstone and glassy finds also come from S. Giobbe ​
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