Efectivitat d'una intervenció infermera per a l'ús saludable de les xarxes socials en adolescents: projecte de recerca

Niquen Tapia, Jireh
Introduction: The use of the Internet and, more specifically, the use of social networks, has increased exponentially in recent years. The adolescent collective is the main consumer of social media, often making excessive use that can influence their mental development. The consequences that can take place as a result of problematic use range from aspects related to school performance, due to the decrease in concentration capacity, to aspects related to mental health, by the overexposure of content to which they are subjected when they are partakers of social networks. Making healthy use of these would help lessen the effects that overuse can cause. Objective: To evaluate the effectiveness of a health promotion intervention to promote responsible and healthy use of social media in high school students. Material and methods: The study population will be the students of the first year of the high school IES Celrà (Girona). A 7 session health promotion intervention will be carried out to be evaluated through an almost experimental pre-post study, through an ad hoc survey and the survey Escala de Riesgo de Adicción- adolescente a las Redes Sociales e Internet (ERA-RSI). An univariant and bivariant descriptive analysis shall be carried out taking into account the ethical aspects of all the research ​
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