Efectivitat de la sulfadiazina argèntica vs cura en ambient humit en cremades de segon grau superficial: revisió bibliogràfica

Marcos Campaña, Arnau
Introduction: Burns are wounds produced on the skin, they are very common worldwide. These represent a very high number of consultations in the healthcare world each year. One of the main issues in treating these wounds is the diversity of treatments that can be carried out and the obsolescence of many health professionals in this field that often leads to problems such as wound infection, increased pain and delayed healing. Objective: To compare the effectiveness of treatment in a damp environment and treatment with silver sulfadiazine in a healthy adult who suffers a superficial second-degree burn. Methodology: A bibliographic research of current literature is carried out in databases such as Pubmed, Scielo, Cuiden, Cochrane; in other tools such as GuíaSalud and Fisterra; two well-known metasearch engines have also been used, which are Trip and Epistemonikos ​
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