Les empreses espanyoles i la incertesa econòmica : Estudi economètric sobre l’impacte de la incertesa econòmica a les empreses espanyoles

Quintana Muñoz, Andrea
Economic uncertainty encompasses the lack of certainty of the value that an economic variable will take in a future situation. Uncertainty, in its totality of meaning, is something that can be granted to human nature. The human being is not capable of knowing the occurrence of a future situation or event in its fullness, therefore, we can affirm that uncertainty is an inescapable element of human existence and a situation inherent to the economy. The events occur and concatenate at an unusual speed, and it is extremely complex to "organize" a reality that, as always, but sometimes much more than others, is presented in a chaotic way. If the nature of the decisions is already somewhat complicated, at times when uncertainty is the order of the day, where it is not possible to assign reasonable probabilities to said future events, the decision, in addition to political and economic criteria, is affected by the psychological orientation of the decision maker. The main objective of this work is to analyse the incidence and impact that economic uncertainty has on Spanish companies in relation to the investments they make abroad, exports and turnover in order to generate recommendations that help focus the efforts to be able to live successfully in uncertainty, instead of constantly seeking certainty about the world around us ​
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