Sistemes de gestió ambiental - Cas pràctic. Declaració ambiental del sistema de platges de Barcelona

López Céspedes, Cristina
Moving towards a more sustainable model is one of the biggest challenges nowadays society is facing, because of this since the 1990s, the first voluntary environmental management standards were published which aimed to integrate the environment into the management of companies and organizations. This fact meant a change in the organizational model including the environment in more proactively way in all parts of the process. As in the case of beach management systems, which have been added to this trend and the benefits that these systems can bring. In order to achieve this, it has been decided to propose an Environmental Declaration for the beach system of the municipality of Barcelona, following the requirements proposed by the EMAS regulation and following the environmental policy previously proposed by Barcelona City Council for the management of beaches. The aim of this environmental statement is to summarize and aimed at the public, all information regarding the beaches in terms of organization, services, municipal policy, environmental management, behaviour and environmental regulations that the affect them. In order to make the proposal for the environmental declaration of the beaches of Barcelona, the legal regulations applicable to the voluntary participation of organizations in environmental management systems, set out in EC Regulation 1221/2009, have been used at all times. Other environmental declarations applied to different beach systems on the Catalan coast have also been used as references. In order to obtain the necessary information to conduct Barcelona’s beaches’ management analysis, there has been help from external agents as the City Hall’s web and technicians from the beaches from Barcelona’s system. In some other cases the information has been compiled in situ thanks to the job done by the beach during 2020 season. With this case study, the aim is to create a joint system between all the parties in charge of beach management, to promote safer facilities for users and workers and with a more environmentally friendly behaviour ​
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