Use of social networks for hotel reservations in young people: empirical analysis

Puiggrós, Elena
Muñoz González, Mónica
Mir Bernal, Pedro
Berbel, Gaspar
Gutiérrez, Óscar
Feliu, Lluís
Santana, Eva
Rom, Josep
This research tries to demonstrate that social networks (mainly used through smartphones) influence the decision to buy tourism products, specifically in the rate for young users (up to 29 years old). In the methodology, after analyzing the use of the media and social networks as a way of promotion and recommendation of tourism products, it is performed quantitative method. It conducted a survey with users of tourist services. Data collection was performed for four months (May to August 2015) in order to determine the most widely used for hotel bookings devices, media and social networks used, the reasons for use, confidence in them and the strategy when searching for information. We observe the priority use of smartphone, laptop and tablet, as well as Facebook and Booking social network and social media, respectively, communication with contacts, friends and family as the main motivation, interaction with social networks especially during the trip and a high degree of confidence ​
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