Diferencias por sexo entre la población penada a medidas penales alternativas en Cataluña: un análisis con perspectiva de género

International literature shows that both the prison system and the probation system are androcentric. Studies carried out from a gender perspective in other countries and international standards highlight the importance of analyse the similarities and differences between male and female offenders and their impact on the sentences served. In our country, despite the fact that there is a great bodyof research analysing gender in prison, there are no studies that do the same in the probation system. This paper aims to find out whether there are gender differences among the population sentenced to community sentences and their impact on the communitysentences. To this end, a bivariate analysis is carried out on a representative sample of 580 women and men who completed a community sentence. This analysis was carried out to study the relationship between gender and socio-demographic and procedural-criminal variables. The results indicate that there are significant differences by gender ​
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