La protección de la intimidad y de la autonomía en relación con los datos genómicos

The automated processing of genomic data can cause serious problems, both to data holders and third parties, especially about the infringement of fundamental rights to privacy and to self-determination of information. At the same time, the treatment of genomic data of the members of certain communities, may clash with the interests of the respective community and cause harm, both to the members of that community and to the community itself. In this thesis, the risks related to the misuse of genomic data are examined taking into account that it is necessary to find a balance between the benefits evidenced by genetic research and the need to prevent this risks through the development of certain protection measures. Likewise, reference is made to the protection mechanisms of an administrative and civil nature, with which the victim of a personal data treatment counts, when the corresponding legal regime has been violated or damage has been caused ​
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