La escena como posible mediadora y propulsora de nuevas políticas en el contexto de la diáspora del pueblo sirio

Martínez López, Carolina
Using the formal and conceptual stages of the journey, this article analyzes from an ethical, political and artistic point of view, the most representative scenic proposals that in Europe and the Middle East have approached in recent years and through diverse formulas the phenomenon of Syrian diaspora. The main objective is to analyze the capacity of these manifestations as generators of new relationships and realities, taking the idea of Althusser that culture does not reflect, but produces society, and that would connect with the origins of documentary and political theater in Brecht and Piscator. It also analyzes how reality and otherness can be presented and represented without a colonial, patriarchal or protectionist view, and how to deal with the ethical problems derived from this type of practice, so that the scene can mediate the creation of new forms to study people in physical and identity transit (McDowell) and to be considered as a 'third space' (Bhabha), from which to draw a new policy in relation to the self and the other ​
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