La comunicació de males notícies en l'àmbit de la salut: investigació sobre la comunicació de les males notícies en medicina, la seva evolució i l’adaptació a les necessitats especials en situació de COVID-19

Vicente Marcos, Laura
The ability of the medical professional to break bad news can be crucial to the emotional impact it has on the patient. For this reason, it is vital to provide health professionals with tools and resources to guide, structure and facilitate this communicative process which, despite being an unpleasant and uncomfortable time, is a necessary aspect of the practice of medicine. Over the years some protocols have been created to guide the communication of bad news, however, finding them is not an easy task, which highlights the little relevance given in the health field to communicative skills. Through a methodology based on the bibliographic review, this article has analyzed the published protocols on the communication of bad news in health, both nationally and internationally, and has studied the evolution since the first of them was drafted in 1992 to the present day. This article aims to reflect on the minimal evolution that occurs between protocols and the need for an indepth study and application of pre-established guidelines at such a difficult time of communication, also analyzing the guidelines and needs which have arisen in this sector with the health crisis due to COVID19 ​