Data-driven approaches for event detection, fault location, resilience assessment, and enhancements in power systems

This thesis presents the study and development of distinct data-driven techniques to support event detection, fault location, and resilience assessment towards enhancements in power systems. It is divided in three main parts as follows. The first part investigates improvements in power system monitoring and event detection methods with focus on dimensionality reduction techniques in wide-area monitoring systems. The second part focuses on contributions to fault location tasks in power distribution networks, relying on information about the network topology and its electrical parameters for short-circuit simulations over a range of scenarios. The third part assesses enhancements in power system resilience to high-impact, lowprobability events associated with extreme weather conditions and human-made attacks, relying on information about the system topology combined with simulations of representative scenarios for impact assessment and mitigation. Overall, the proposed data-driven algorithms contribute to event detection, fault location, and resilience assessment, relying on electrical measurements recorded by intelligent electronic devices, historical data of past events, and representative scenarios, together with information about the network topology, electrical parameters, and operating status. The validation of the algorithms, implemented in MATLAB, is based on computer simulations using network models implemented in OpenDSS and Simulink ​
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