A Method to Compensate for the Errors Caused by Temperature in Structured-Light 3D Cameras

Vila Clarà, Oriol
Raba Sánchez, David
Farrés, Esteve
Although low cost red-green-blue-depth (RGB-D) cameras are factory calibrated, to meet the accuracy requirements needed in many industrial applications proper calibration strategies have to be applied. Generally, these strategies do not consider the effect of temperature on the camera measurements. The aim of this paper is to evaluate this effect considering an Orbbec Astra camera. To analyze this camera performance, an experimental study in a thermal chamber has been carried out. From this experiment, it has been seen that produced errors can be modeled as an hyperbolic paraboloid function. To compensate for this error, a two-step method that first computes the error and then corrects it has been proposed. To compute the error two possible strategies are proposed, one based on the infrared distortion map and the other on the depth map. The proposed method has been tested in an experimental scenario with different Orbbec Astra cameras and also in a real environment. In both cases, its good performance has been demonstrated. In addition, the method has been compared with the Kinect v1 achieving similar results. Therefore, the proposed method corrects the error due to temperature, is simple, requires a low computational cost and might be applicable to other similar cameras ​
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