Análisis sobre las reglas o máximas de la experiencia y su uso en el medio colombiano

In this paper we analyze the most relevant aspects of the concept of maxims of the experience, and its understanding and traditional use in the Colombian environment. The main purpose is to highlight the possible risks derived from such traditional use, which could lead to errors in judicial decisions. With this objective, as a first step, some specific aspects of the construction of this factual premise are presented. Similarly, a study is made of the ideas of Friedrich Stein, as a pioneer in the study of the maxims of experience. It also makes an approach to some later doctrinal positions, which can be called traditional, that have pretended to be based on Stein's ideas but that suppose a variation with respect to some of his ideas, highlighting some problematic points of them. Likewise, a presentation is made of some decisions of the Civil Chamber of the Colombian Supreme Court of Justice, for the purpose of exposing the traditional use of the maxims of the experience. Finally, an analysis is made of some more recent doctrinal positions, particularly focusing on additional developments of the rules or maxims of the experience ​
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