Caracterización taxonómica de la población del pez león Pterois volitans (Linnaeus 1758) (Scorpaenidae) residente en el Caribe colombiano: merística y morfometría

Invasive species are the second main cause of extinction after habitat loss. Lionfish, Pterois volitans (Linnaeus 1758), was seen by the first time in southern Florida in 1985. Since 2000 it has dispersed and established in the eastern coast of the United States and in Bermuda and Bahamas; since 2007 it has expanded through the Caribbean, appearing in oceanic Colombia in 2008 and in continental Colombia in 2009. In order to characterize the lionfish population inhabiting the Colombian Caribbean a literature revision was made as well as collects. Merisitc and morphometric data were taken in the laboratory from a sample of 63 specimens, 36.3-183.0 mm standard length (SL) (from a total of 280 collected individuals). The counts found were: dorsal fin XIII,11 (rarely XIII,12); anal fin III,7 (rarely III,8); pectoral fin 14 (rarely 13). The main measurements (in percentages of SL) found were head length 29,7 - 40,7% and eye diameter 5,6 - 9,1% ​
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