Presión fiscal y endeudamiento en las comunidades rurales del noreste catalán durante la Guerra con Castilla (1356-1366)

This essay examines the impact of war-related taxation on the rural communities of the Crown of Aragon on the basis of a case study of notarial sources in north-eastern Catalonia during the War of the Two Pedros (1356-1366). It first describes the region at stake; then, the substantial subsidies granted by the Cortes and how they involved all the territory to an unprecedented degree. It analyses the types of instruments and the profile of creditors in a series of operations related to the aforementioned tax contributions in several places of the diocese of Girona between 1364 and 1367. Our study shows that the unquestionable relevance of the urban capital cannot hide the important contribution by some rural parishioners and peasants. It concludes with a reflection on the effects all these dynamics may have had on the communities not only from an institutional viewpoint, but also with regard to their socioeconomic composition ​
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