Una experiencia encarnada de investigación escénica en estudios teatrales universitarios

Martínez López, Carolina
This article presents a pedagogical and research proposal in Performing Arts university studies based on theoretical analysis, and on physical, intellectual and emotional experience of scenic creative processes. Throughout it, we will see how the difficulty of Performing Arts studies to integrate into the scientific field and into the Academy can be used to build new educational and creative paths, taking into account the specificity of Theater, alive and ephemeral by nature. We will go through the path of Arts-Based Research, A / r / tography (branch of ABR) and previous experiences of Theater-Based Research. We will combine an organic and holistic vision based on the idea of art as an embodied experience, and the approach to research as a work in permanent process. As for the aesthetic, a transversal perception of theatre will prevail within the framework of the so-called “expanded theatricalities” linked to the concept of “performative”. In a second phase, we will link this theory with the description and analysis of practical cases carried out in the Degree of Performing Arts of the University of Girona (EU ERAM), to try to assess the effectiveness of the proposal, in addition to seeking to settle valid parameters for evaluation ​
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