Aliatges magnètics nanocristal·lins de base ferro i aliatges Heusler: producció i caracterització

This work is focused on the production and characterization of: (1) Fe based nanocrystalline soft magnetic materials of NANOPERM and HITPERM families and (2) Heusler magnetic shape memory alloys. Within the first typology, the alloy analyzed is Fe(80)X(7)B(12)Cu(1) (X=Nb, Ni(70)Zr(30)) (NANOPERM) and the effects of the milling device in structural, thermic and magnetic characteristics are compared. In HITPERM family the alloy under study is Fe(85-x)Co(x)Nb(6)B(9) (x=10, 20). In this case, the effect of Co content in structure and magnetic and thermic behavior after 80h of milling is compared. In Heusler alloys, the creation of crystallographic information files (CIF) of the different crystallographic structures exhibited by austenite and martensite phases is performed. These files are used to fulfill a Rietveld analysis using MAUD software ​
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