Lírica trobadoresca a la Corona d'Aragó: estudi de casos

Viñolas i Solés, Mariona
The PhD entitled "Troubadour Lyrics in the Crown of Aragon: case study" offers a detailed census of all those troubadours for whom a link has been proposed with the Crown of Aragon, with fundamental information about the reigns of contact –those who welcomed and promoted, precisely, the Occitan lyric; that is, the reigns of Alphonse I the Chaste, Peter I the Catholic, James I the Conqueror and Peter II the Great-, the compositions that underpin their inclusion in this census and data related to their own pieces. Some issues that exemplify the Occitan case in the Crown of Aragon, and which we have defined as "cases", are, for example, the analysis of the "Catalan" word in lyrical troubadour, an analysis in courtesy terms, more than not in geographic terms. Undoubtedly, the figure of Peire Vidal as the greatest exponent of the lyrical in the times of Alphonse I is one of the most important cases in this PhD, given the magnitude of his work and the long distance that the same troubadour does all around most significant courts of the moment. In this sense, we offer a proposal for the dating of his work related to the Crown of Aragon and, at the same time, a re-reading of it. Finally, the last case exposed to the PhD deals with the figure of Peter II the Great, as a patron. In this case, the image of the monarch, often in the shadow of the golden age of his father, James I, has not been appropriately valued or, at least, his work as a patron was not considered, as we said, which could well resemble that of his great-grandfather, Alphonse I the Chaste ​
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