L'emmagatzematge de cereals en sitges durant l'antiguitat tardana en els bisbats de Girona i Empúries

Around the Fifth century AD, the use of silos as storage structures reappeared in force throughout large areas of Western Europe. This phenomenon also concerned the territories of the bishoprics of Girona and Empúries. Although in this region silos had been used as storage structures during a large part of the Iberian period, their use declined until their virtual disappearance during the Roman Empire. In order to investigate in depth the different reasons that led to silos being widely used again, this thesis analyses the storage of cereals within the wider framework of transformations that took place in the territories of the bishoprics of Girona and Empúries between the end of the Fifth century and the beginning of the Eighth century. The main objective is to determine the function/use of the silos in the economic framework of the economy of the Visigothic period in the northeast of the Iberian Peninsula ​
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