Ética pública y Derecho administrativo en la era de la posverdad = Public Ethics and Administrative Law in the Post-Truth Era

This article analyzes the impact of the so-called “public ethics” on the norms, principles, instruments and systematics of the paradigm of the legal positivism on which the continentalEuropean administrative law is based. This analysis allows us to verify that the promotion of public ethics from international instances, and its specific incorporation into our legal system, introduces numerous axiological and systematic distortions that are not compensated, nor with an improvement of the public integrity standards, nor with an increase in the trust of citizens in public institutions. Public employees and honest politicians do not find in the soft law instruments adequate solutions to the ethical conflicts raised by postmodernity, while those who have no problem in looting the public coffers and lying, they show their adherence to ethical codes as a sign of their integrity. The features of political and media discourse in the post-truth era make it difficult to build a sustainable ethical infrastructure, capable of restoring the trust in the public administration. This difficulty can be insurmountable if the intuition pointed out in this article is confirmed according to which the “ethics” that is gaining ground to the Administrative Law, far from being anchored in a solid philosophical theory, is justified, both in finalists as instrumental terms, mainly in the Economy ​
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