Factores psicosociales de riesgo y protección de la salud y bienestar entre los profesionales del transporte sanitario

Navarro Moya, Maria Pau
Several studies highlight the fact that ambulance personnel are exposed to multiple psychosocial risk factors that can lead, among others, to burnout syndrome. There are few studies that provide information on protective factors and even fewer comparative studies between the professionals of the two large models existing in pre-hospital care, the Anglo-American (AA) and the Franco-German (FA), from the perspective of the professionals themselves. Therefore, this doctoral thesis aims to deepen the knowledge of psychosocial risk and health protection factors for medical transport professionals, comparing both models of pre-hospital care and differentiating between EMT and non-EMT workers for the FG model. Two different, albeit related, studies have been carried out for this, combining quantitative and qualitative methodology. ​
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