Análisis evolutivo de la morfología dunar de la Pletera (Girona, Catalunya) mediante sensores Lidar y fotográficos (2010-2018)

A set of monitoring campaigns have been carried out using unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) in la Pletera dune system (Girona, Catalonia) to assess the effects of sand traps and revegetation using geomorphological criteria. In order to quantify the sedimentary gains during the management actions, the volumetric obtained from three UAV flights using RGB sensors has been compared with the volumetric from a Lidar flight before the retention traps. The mean sedimentary volume recovered and retained was of 161.893 m3, with an increase in the beach-dune elevation of 2.79 m. The results provide a detailed view of the morphoecological evolution of the beach system and its relationship with management parameters ​
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