Sobre el deber de motivación de las decisiones probatorias y el juicio por jurados. La sentencia V.R.P., V.P.C. y otros vs. Nicaragua de la CorteIDH

Based on the ruling by the Inter-American Court of Human Rights in V.R.P., V.P.C. y otros vs. Nicaragua, this paper analyses three main issues: 1) the judges’ duty to justify their fact finding and its scope; 2) the persuasive (or subjective) and the rational approaches to evidence and proof; and 3) the interrelation between 1) and 2) and their implementation in criminal jury trials. It criticises the Inter-American Court’s thesis that trial by jury systems, with no justified fact finding and by intime conviction, are not contrary to the guarantees provided by Article 8 of the American Convention of Human Rights ​