Els actius per a la salut a Torroella de Montgrí

Esparraguera Cla, Cristina
Background: Health public policies are very important as a citizen’s life quality improvement. Local Community Health Plans are one of the used tools to manage and to assess local community policies; they are used to improve people’s health and life quality. Dipsalut along with the Càtedra de Promoció de la Salut and the borough of Torroella de Montgrí, they are developing a pilot plan to elaborate Health Municipality Plans in the Girona region. Health assets focusses are into de Local Community Health diagnose phase. Health assets are any factor (or source) that can improve the ability of individuals, groups, communities, population, social systems and/or institutions to maintain and to preserve their health and welfare. Therefore, the identification of local health assets is used for both, as a way of assets gathering and to create a network to understand health in a positive way and beyond the idea of disease prevention. Objective: Identify and analyse the health assets of Torroella de Montgrí by analyse areas and perception of the participants. Elaborate the community health assets map to be able to revitalize it and improve the health of the citizens. Methodology: It is a transversal descriptive study from a qualitative investigation participatory technique, such as the mapping technique. It has been elaborated in Torroella de Montgrí from March to April of 2018. Local health assets were identified through three sessions depending on the group members (politicians, technicians and experts. The obtained data has been processed with a subject-descriptive-content-analyse to categorize the health assets (human resources, institutions, activities, sites and intangible) and put them into different analyse areas ( health status, life style, social and economic factors, environment and individual development). At the same time, it is analysed from the perspectives of the participants to discover hidden assets. Later, the community health asset map is elaborated to be able to energize them. Results: 854 health assets were identified. Each one was put into 34 categories. It has been stressed in different measure: natural sites, physical activity and local equipment. The social and economic factors and environment were the most important for the promotion health. The most important assets are the same for the three groups and hidden assets have been discovered by different groups. Conclusions: The asset map elaboration allows us to identify natural sites, physical activity and local equipment as the most relevant health promotion in Torroella de Montgrí. Also, discover hidden assets by people and visualize the interrelationship between the assets that will allow a future revitalization ​
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