Using Instagram to understand the tourist's preferences in the Chilean Patagonia

The current study attempts to deliver a contribution to enhance the nature-based tourism in the Chilean Patagonia exposing the preferences of the visitors in the Chilean territory. Furthermore, aims to give value to the information obtained. On the one hand, comparing it with the content exposed on the official website to promote Chile as a tourist destination in order to provide improvement suggestions. On the other hand, comparing it with the preferences identified on the Argentinian side to visualize potential destinations, which have similar natural resources than destination, which are succeeding on the Argentine side. Finally, the study wants to know which element are valued in Chile and not in Argentina to take it advantage in terms of promotion to differentiate the Chilean Patagonia of the Argentinian Patagonia to attract more tourist of the shared market. The objectives are; firstly, obtain the tourist’s preferences on both sides of Patagonia, using the social network Instagram. Secondly, provide a proposal of the photo content to use to promote the destinations of Patagonia. Thirdly, establishing the improvements and advantage than the Chilean Patagonia could take from the comparison with the tourist's preferences on the Argentinian side in order to attract more visitors to Chilean destinations ​
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