El triomf de l'emissor: l'ús de les fonts periodístiques a la premsa gironina (1996-2016) [dades de recerca]

Hernández Piferrer, Jordi
This research aims to study, both in quantity and quality, the use of sources of information in the production of news about the six main cities of the Girona Province (Girona, Salt, Figueres, Olot, Blanes i Lloret de Mar) in the two most important local newspapers during the period between 1996 and 2016. To do so, sources of information used to produce news about city management in the mentioned towns have been identified, quantified and classified. Through a quantitative and qualitative approach to the research we have made an analysis detecting eventual tendencies in the uses of sources of information and its identification. We have observed as well the relationship among several parameters regarding the gathering and transformation of the information provided by the sources ​
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